Idaho Transplant, Adventure Enthusiast

Hi, I'm Emily (you can call me Em)! I am the face of Em is for Memories Photography and am currently based out of Idaho! I love Taco Bell, sweets, sunsets, day trips, and cows. And my husband and pup ;)

I love hearing people's stories. What you bring to others is powerful and unique. My goal is to capture you in a way that actually reflects you! One that reflects your love, your family, and your passions so you can remember how you are now. During our time together, I will make sure you are comfortable and feel like yourself because I know how it feels to be in front of the camera (and it can be intimidating)!

Along with photography, I am also attending Idaho State University for their Audiology program. For those of you wondering (it's ok, most people do), audiologists are the ear doctors who help identify hearing loss. I absolutely love my program and what I am learning.

I want to get to know you! Do we have anything in common? What brought you here? Send me a message and tell me about yourself!